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Scholar Spotlight: Mohammed Alam

Scholar Spotlight: Mohammed Alam

In the fall of 2011, Mohammed Alam, helped establish a chapter of The Roosevelt Institute’s Campus Network at City College.  The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network is a student led and operated  public policy organization.

Under Mohammed’s leadership, CCNY’s chapter became one of the largest student organizations on campus, and the only one to provide a platform for students to get involved in government and public policy.  Student members wrote six policy proposals on topics varying from reforming work-study, launching an international student education program to promote diplomacy, and creating partnerships between universities and local businesses to foster community development and growth. Four of these proposals were published in a series of national journals titled “10 Ideas.”  CCNY’s chapter received awards for the November 2011 Chapter of the Month and the Best New Chapter  in the country for 2012-2013.

Mohammed’s policy on veterans employment was the lead article in this year’s “10 Ideas for Defense and Diplomacy” journal.  Following is what Mohammed had to say about his policy proposal:

Several of my close friends are veterans, so the issue hit home when they began to explain to me their concerns. I began to learn more about the issues around employment opportunities for military veterans after having worked for several local, state and federal government offices, and understanding the difficulty in going through this complex system. This led me to want to research and learn more, so for most of fall I dedicated time aside from school, work, and extracurricular activities to try and write a policy proposal that may present an alternative method to help solve these growing problems. Since the publication of the policy, I have been promoting it to as many organizations and offices I can to help impact future change.

Roosevelt Institute Defense Diplomacy 2013